February 27, 2015

Hello! Welcome to this, the website of Rohan French, Australian philosohical logician at large in Europe. I’ve been meaning to put this site together for some time, and was recently inspired by the redesign of Greg Restall’s wonderful, and how pleasant (for a tinkerer who briefly worked as a web developer) Hugo was to use.

My hope is that this won’t just be another repository for pre-prints of publications, like many academic websites are. That’s not to say that such sites are bad, mind you, but (vanity aside) I could simply do that using a google site. What I want to do here is to not just store pre-prints (and drafts) of my papers here, but also share various thoughts and results which are perhaps not immediately destined for publication—such as minor technical results, or thoughts on papers. Hopefully I’ll also eventually talk a bit about some of the small python programs I put together to create some of the assessment for Logic: Language and Information 1 and Logic: Langauge and Information 2, and how they might be helpful in face-to-face teaching.

More things will slowly start appearing here over the coming days, but for the time being here’s a brief description of what you’ll currently find around here.

For the time being, you can also find me on twitter at @RohanFrench, or email me at