This is the website of Rohan French, an Australian philosophical logician and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at UC Davis.

My research focuses mostly on issues in modal logic, non-classical logic, proof theory, and the semantic paradoxes. I have broad philosophical interests, and am particularly interested in any issues in philosophy where formal methods can be fruitfully applied.

Previous to that I did my PhD in Australia under the supervision of the inimitable Lloyd Humberstone.

Recent & Forthcoming Publications

  • (with David Ripley) “Valuations: Bi, Tri, and Tetra”, forthcoming in Studia Logica.  pdf  doi
  • “Notational Variance and its Variants”, forthcoming in Topoi.  pdf  doi
  • (with Lloyd Humberstone) “Description and Disjunction: Reflections on an Argument of Thomas Forster”, forthcoming in South American Journal of Logic.  doi open access
  • (with Catarina Dutilh Novaes) “Paradoxes and Structural Rules from a Dialogical Perspective”, Philosophical Issues 28 (2018), 129-158  doi open access
  • (with Franz Berto and Graham Priest and David Ripley) “Williamson on counterpossibles”, The Journal of Philosophical Logic 47 (2018), 693-713  doi open access