This is the website of Rohan French, an Australian philosophical logician and Associate Professor of Philosophy at UC Davis.

My research focuses mostly on issues in modal logic, non-classical logic, proof theory, and the semantic paradoxes. I have broad philosophical interests, and am particularly interested in any issues in philosophy where formal methods can be fruitfully applied.

Prior to joining the Department of Philosophy at UC Davis I was a post-doctoral researcher on the Roots of Deduction project at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I did my PhD in Australia under the supervision of the inimitable Lloyd Humberstone.

Recent & Forthcoming Publications

  • (with David Ripley) “Two Traditions in Abstract Valuational Model Theory”, Synthese 198 (22) (2021), 5291-5313  pdf  doi
  • “Metasequents and Tetravaluations”, forthcoming in Journal of Philosophical Logic.  doi open access
  • “A Dialogical Route to Logical Pluralism”, Synthese 198(20) (2021), 4969-4989  pdf  doi
  • (with Patrick Girard and David Ripley) “Classical Counterpossibles”, forthcoming in The Review of Symbolic Logic.  pdf  doi
  • (with Shawn Standefer and Greg Restall) “Proofs and Models in Naive Property Theory: A Response to Hartry Field's 'Properties, Propositions and Conditionals'”, Australasian Philosophical Review 4:2 (2020), 162-177  pdf  doi